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Blu-Ray Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concerts: The 25th Anniversary (DUPLO)

Faixas:Disco 1:Jerry Lee Lewis 1. Great Balls of FireCrosby, Stills & Nash ..

R$84,90 Sem impostos: R$84,90

Box James Brown - The 50th Anniversary Collection (2 CD's + DVD)

Esta sensacional box reúne 2 CDs e um DVD deste cantor, compositor e produtor musical americano, con..

R$74,90 Sem impostos: R$74,90

Box The Rolling Stones - Ladies & Gentlemen Anniversary Edition (3 DVD's)

DVD1 - Ladies & Gentlemen 110:00 1 Brown Sugar 2 Bitch 3 Gimme Shelter 4 Dead Flowers..

R$109,90 Sem impostos: R$109,90

CD + DVD Blue Öyster Cult - 45TH Anniversary: Live In London (Deluxe Editon)

Faixas:CD:01.Transmaniacon MC02.I’m On The Lamb, But I Ain’t No Sheep03.Then Came The Last Days Of M..

R$64,90 Sem impostos: R$64,90

CD America - Golden Hits: 50th Anniversary (Digipack)

Faixas:1. A Horse With No Name 00:04:122. I Need You 00:03:083. Sandman 00:05:084. Don’T Cross The R..

R$44,90 Sem impostos: R$44,90

CD Andrea Bocelli - Romanza: 20th Anniversary Edition


R$69,90 Sem impostos: R$69,90

CD Cat Stevens - Teaser And The Firecat: 50Th Anniversary Remaster (Digipack)

Faixas Do CD:01.The Wind 02.Rubylove 03.If I Laugh 04.Changes IV 05.How Can I Tell You 06.Tuesday's ..

R$64,90 Sem impostos: R$64,90

CD Chicago - Chicago Transit Authority - 50th Anniversary Remix (Digipack)

Descrição:O álbum de estréia do Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority (auto-intitulado na época), apres..

R$44,90 Sem impostos: R$44,90

CD Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual - A 30TH Anniversary Celebration (DUPLO)

Faixas:CD1 Money Changes Everything Girls Just Want To Have Fun When You Were Mine T..

R$149,90 Sem impostos: R$149,90

CD Deep Purple - Fireball: 25TH Anniversary Edition (IMPORTADO)

Faixas do CD:01.Fireball02.No No No03.Demon's Eye04.Anyone's Daughter05.The Mule06.Fools07.No One Ca..

R$144,90 Sem impostos: R$144,90

CD Dream Theater - Score 20th Anniversary World Tour (Digipack - Triplo)

Faixas:CD1 1 The Root of All Evil 2 I Walk Beside You 3 Another Won 4 Afterlife 5 ..

R$109,90 Sem impostos: R$109,90

CD Edguy - The Savage Poetry: Anniversary Edition (Digipack - DUPLO)

Faixas dos CD's:CD 1:01.Hallowed02.Misguiding Your Life03.Key to My Fate04.Sands of Time05.Sacred He..

R$74,90 Sem impostos: R$74,90

CD Edu Falaschi - A New Lease Of Life: 25th Anniversary Tribute

Faixas:1. Eve Desire – Angels Will Arise Again 2. Soulspell (feat. Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens &..

R$31,90 Sem impostos: R$31,90

CD Footloose (O.S.T. - 15TH Anniversary Collectors Edition)

Faixas01. Footloose - Kenny Loggins - 3:4602. Let's Hear It For The Boy - Denise Williams - 4:2003. ..

R$54,90 Sem impostos: R$54,90

CD Frank Sinatra - The Frank Sinatra Songbook In Commemoration Of His 90th Anniversary

Faixas:1. I'Ve Got You Under My Skin 2. Dancing In The Dark 3. The Lady Is A Tramp 4. ..

R$27,90 Sem impostos: R$27,90

CD Frank Zappa - 200 Motels: 50TH Anniversary (DUPLO)

Descrição:“200 Motéis” de Frank Zappa completa 50 anos! Em comemoração ao famoso “Documentário Surre..

R$74,90 Sem impostos: R$74,90

CD George Harrison - All Things Must Pass: 50Th Anniversary (Digipack - IMPORTADO)

Faixas dos CD's:CD 1 - 2020 Stereo Mixes:01.I'd Have You Anytime02.My Sweet Lord 03.Wah-Wah 04.Isn't..

R$269,90 Sem impostos: R$269,90

CD Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa 50th Anniversary (DUPLO)

Faixas:CD11. St. Stephen (1969 Mix) [Remastered] - 00:04:262. Dupree'S Diamond Blues (1969 Mix) [Rem..

R$69,90 Sem impostos: R$69,90

CD Grateful Dead - Skull & Roses: 50TH Anniversary Expanded Edition (Digipack - 2 CD's)

Faixas:CD 1:01.Bertha02.Mama Tried03.Big Railroad Blues04.Playing In The Band05.The Other One06.Me &..

R$84,90 Sem impostos: R$84,90

CD Hair - Special Anniversary Edition (O.S.T.) (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1 Aquarius - 4:48 2 Sodomy - 1:30 3 Donna / Hashish - 4:20 4 Colored Spade - 1:..

R$129,90 Sem impostos: R$129,90

CD Helloween - Unarmed - Best Of 25th Anniversary

 Faixas:1. Dr. Stein  2. Future World  3. If I Could Fly ..

R$44,90 Sem impostos: R$44,90

CD Helloween - Unarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary (Remastered 2020 - Digipack)

Faixas:1. Dr. Stein2. Future World3. If I Could Fly4. Where the Rain Grows5. The Keeper s Trilogy (M..

R$49,90 Sem impostos: R$49,90

CD Home Alone - 25th Anniversary Edition (O.S.T. - IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1. Main Title from Home Alone ("Somewhere in My Memory") (Voice) Williams, John 4:542. Holida..

R$139,90 Sem impostos: R$139,90

CD Jethro Tull - 50th Anniversary Collection


R$47,90 Sem impostos: R$47,90

CD Jethro Tull - Aqualung (40TH Anniversary Edition)

Faixas:Aqualung Cross-Eyed Mary Cheap Day Return Mother Goose Wond'ring Aloud Up T..

R$57,90 Sem impostos: R$57,90

CD Kiss - Destroyer: 45TH Anniversary (Digipack - DUPLO)

Descrição:Comemorando seu 45º aniversário, “Destroyer” foi originalmente lançado em 1976 e é conside..

R$84,90 Sem impostos: R$84,90

CD kiss -Creatures Of The Night: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Digipack - DUPLO)

Faixas dos CD's:CD 1 - Creatures Of The Night: Original Album Remastered01.Creatures Of The Night02...

R$109,90 Sem impostos: R$109,90

CD Lady Gaga - Born This Way Reimagined: The Tenth Anniversary (DUPLO)

Faixas do CD:01.Marry The Night02.Born This Way03.Government Hooker04.Judas05.Americano06.Hair07.Sch..

R$74,90 Sem impostos: R$74,90

CD Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Shaka Zulu Revisited: 30th Anniversary Celebration (Digipack - IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1 Unomathemba4:112 Hello My Baby4:453 Golgotha4:534 King of Kings3:405 Lomhlaba Kawunoni3:376..

R$179,90 Sem impostos: R$179,90

CD Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said (21st Anniversary Deluxe Edition - DUPLO)

Faixas:CD1 1. Fields of Joy 2. Always On the Run 3. Stand By My Woman 4. It Ain't Ov..

R$64,90 Sem impostos: R$64,90