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CD Velvet Underground and Nico - 45th Anniversary Remaster (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Sunday Morning 2.55I'm Waiting for the Man 4.39Femme Fatale 2.38Venus in Furs 5.12Run Run Run..

R$89,90 Sem impostos: R$89,90

CD War - Icon: The Hits (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1 Eric Burdon & War Spill The Wine 4:532 War All Day Music 3:593 War Slippin' Into Darkne..

R$88,90 Sem impostos: R$88,90

CD Wayne Shorter - Native Dancer (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:  1. Ponta de Areia   2. Beauty and the Beast   3. Tarde   4..

R$104,90 Sem impostos: R$104,90

CD Weezer - Weezer: The Teal Album (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1. "Africa" (Artista original - Toto) 3:582. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (Artista ori..

R$119,90 Sem impostos: R$119,90

CD Westlife - Greatest Hits (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1 Swear It Again (Radio Edit)4:082 If I Let You Go (Radio Edit)3:413 Flying Wi..

R$104,90 Sem impostos: R$104,90

CD Willie Nelson - To All The Girls... (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1. Dolly Parton - from Here to the Moon and Back2. Miranda Lambert - She Was No Good for Me3...

R$98,90 Sem impostos: R$98,90

CD Yes - Relayer (IMPORTADO) (Digipack)

Faixas do CD:01 - The Gates of Delirium 2.5602 - Sound Chaser 9.2703 - To Be Over 9.19Bonus 04 ..

R$109,90 Sem impostos: R$109,90

CD ZZ Top - First Album (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1 (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree2:322 Brown Sugar5:223 Squank2:464 Goin Down To Mexic..

R$88,90 Sem impostos: R$88,90

DVD Megadeth - That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires (IMPORTADO)

Faixas: 1.Blackmail the Universe [DVD] 2.Set the World Afire [DVD] 3.Wake Up Dead [DVD] ..

R$64,90 Sem impostos: R$64,90

LP Adele - 21 (IMPORTADO)


R$319,90 Sem impostos: R$319,90

LP B. B. King - King Of The Blues (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Side AA1 I've Got A Right To Love My Baby A2 What Way To Go A3 Long Nights A4 Feel Like A Mil..

R$149,90 Sem impostos: R$149,90

LP Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Rhymin’ & Stealin’ 4:08The New Style 4:35She’s Crafty 3:36Posse In Effect 2:27Slow Ride 2..

R$279,90 Sem impostos: R$279,90

LP Body Count - Body Count (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:1. Smoked Pork - Body Count2. Body Count's In The House (Instrumental) - Body Count3. Now Spo..

R$229,90 Sem impostos: R$229,90

LP Bruce Dickinson - Balls To Picasso (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Lado AA1 Cyclops7:57A2 Hell No5:12A3 Gods Of War5:02A4 1000 Points Of Light4:25Lado BB1 Laugh..

R$189,90 Sem impostos: R$189,90

LP Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Lado A1. Better Git It In Your Soul2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat3. Boogie Stop Shuffle4. Self-Portr..

R$279,90 Sem impostos: R$279,90

LP Chet Baker - Chet (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:A1 Alone Together6:46A2 How High The Moon3:31A3 It Never Entered My Mind4:36A4 'Tis Autumn5:1..

R$149,90 Sem impostos: R$149,90

LP Creedence Clearwater Revival - Greatest Hits (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Lado A:01-Down On The Corner (2:00)02-Looking Out My Back Door (2:24)03-Proud Mary (1:57)04-F..

R$149,90 Sem impostos: R$149,90

LP David Bowie - Alladin Sane (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:A1 Watch That Man 4:30A2 Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?) 5:15A3 Drive-In Saturday 4:38A4 Panic ..

R$279,90 Sem impostos: R$279,90

LP Deep Purple - Burn (IMPORTADO)


R$279,90 Sem impostos: R$279,90

LP Eagles - Hotel California (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:A SideA1 Hotel California6:30A2 New Kid In Town5:04A3 Life In The Fast Lane4:46A4 Wasted Time..

R$229,90 Sem impostos: R$229,90

LP Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong - Ella/Louis (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Can't We Be Friends 3:44Isn't This A Lovely Day 6:14Moonlight In Vermont 3:42They Can't Take ..

R$249,90 Sem impostos: R$249,90

LP Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:A1a Funeral For A FriendA1b Love Lies Bleeding11:08A2 Candle In The Wind3:50A3 Bennie And The..

R$294,90 Sem impostos: R$294,90

LP Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley (IMPORTADO)

1. Heartbreak Hotel 2. I Was the One 3. Blue Suede Shoes 4. I'M Counting on You 5. I Got a Woman ..

R$229,90 Sem impostos: R$229,90

LP Eric Clapton - Unplugged (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Lado AA1 Signe3:132 Before You Accuse Me3:443 Hey Hey3:164 Tears In Heaven4:365 Lonely Strang..

R$264,90 Sem impostos: R$264,90

LP Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Foxy Lady Manic Depression Red House Can You See Me Love Or Confusion I Don't Live Today May ..

R$319,90 Sem impostos: R$319,90

LP John Lennon - Mind Games (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Lado A1 Mind Games 4:112 Tight As 3:353 Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) 4:434 One Day (At A Time) 3:075..

R$229,90 Sem impostos: R$229,90

LP Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:A SideA1 Custard Pie4:20A2 The Rover5:44A3 In My Time Of Dying11:08B SideB1 Houses Of The Hol..

R$439,90 Sem impostos: R$439,90

LP Madonna - Like A Virgin (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Lado A 1. Material Girl 2. Angel 3. Like A Virgin 4. Over And Over 5. Love Don't Live Here An..

R$249,90 Sem impostos: R$249,90

LP Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (IMPORTADO)

Faixas:Lado A1 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough 6:022 Rock With You 3:383 Working Day And Night 5:124 ..

R$229,90 Sem impostos: R$229,90

LP Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (IMPORTADO)

Faixas: A1  So What 8:56 A2  Freddie Freeloader 9:32 A3  Blue In Green ..

R$229,90 Sem impostos: R$229,90